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Tucking your sissy clitty is an important skill to any feminization routine. Goddess Bethany 1-800-601-6975

I find the little bulge a femboy or sissy has in their underwear to be utterly adorable. I love to tease them by rubbing my dick against the tent in their pretty panties and watching the way they squirm when they get excited. As much as I love to play with sissy boners, tucking your clitty is an essential skill to any feminization and sissy transformation routine. It gives you a smooth and flat look making your clitty dick pretty much disappear!

Why should you tuck?

So here is what to consider when you are deciding if to tuck!

How will it compliment your day and your outfit?

When putting together my outfit for the day, I usually have a “should I tuck today moment”. Whether I decide to tuck my Princess-cock or to remain untucked depends on the following:

  • where I’m going
  • what I’m doing
  • the look I want

The above also plays a role in the tucking method I use.

So for you, the main reason for tucking your sissy clitty is to give a smooth more feminine appearance when wearing panties, bathing suits, and tight fitting skirts and dresses. This should be something you think about when deciding all the cute stuff you’re going to wear!

Great Form of Panty Chastity

A lot of my sissy girls are on strict masturbation restrictions and tucking is great for panty chastity! Even if you skip the taping method, it’s super hard to rub your clitty without permission if it’s tucked away nice and neat.

Sissy Clitty Assignment: Tuck Tuck and Away!

To complete this assignment you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit my blog, and read my step-by-step tucking instructions.
  2. Familiarize yourself with both of the methods I use for tucking my girl cock and practice them.
  3. Report back to me with your progress! Before & after tucked clitty pics are welcomed!

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Your Babe with a Boner,

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