Masturbation Training for Sissies

Hello, girlie bois. One thing I am super strict about is losing the frantic masturbation male syndrome. This training is lifelong, done every time you stroke your little clitty, and you will need some items to do it. This week you will become proficient at stroking your sissy clit like a girl!

Sissy Masturbation Supplies

You will need a pink vibrator, and I insist on pink and girlie only. You will need panties of different textures and colors. Satins, nylons, silkies, and super soft cotton. The colors must be pastel with prints such as florals, animal prints, and any print that is very feminine. You will have special masturbation pillows. Your little clit will never directly touch these pillows. Your panties will be on at all times. Pantyhose may be substituted if you have a pantyhose fetish. Pantyhose come in plenty of texture and color variations. Cutting a hole may be needed for pussy vibrator action.

The pillows will be small toss pillows in different density. Some will be very soft and others hard. You also may use the end of a couch for some sessions. You will not conduct girlie masturbation in a masculine fashion ever. The way you will use your pillows is on your back. The couch will be the exception.

The variations in panty texture and pillows depend on your mood if you want soft and sensual or hard and slutty. Your vibrator is used on your clit and little balls. It may also go in your pussy hole for being pussy fucked by your “lover.”

Feminine Orgasm

The whole objective is to achieve orgasm in the most feminine way. You will not perform this without makeup or not being enfemme. Clothes make the gurl, so have a sexy little nighty with thigh-high and bedroom heels. Download porn to hear the moans and groans of a happy sissy. Mimic and learn to talk slutty bedroom.

What would be fun is calling me for this type of session, and for a Skype view as well so I can see and hear how you have become a sissy masturbator in the girliest of ways!


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