The Tranquility of Sissyville

The tranquility of Sissyville is essential to bring up as it contrasts starkly with the storms raging in the minds of so many of our pets. I just want to start by saying it’s 2018! With each passing year, it seems that feminization, cross-dressing, and sissiness are becoming more commonplace and accepted by society at large. We are living in a new era where men…all men, alpha and beta alike are being regularly emasculated irrespective of any feminine wishes or secret fantasies.

There is nothing to fear from your desires to be more like women; it’s perfectly natural. I think you would look pretty hot in a nice ensemble. Maybe we can start with some sexy lingerie. A soft lacy powder-pink bra with matching panties is a great way to start off.

That should get your juices going!


You have your unique needs, and you are certainly not alone in that. Maybe it’s time to put on some sexy nylon thigh-high stockings and a pair of block come-fuck-me-as-you-please high heel shoes? I know being surrounded by feminine wear is one of the few things that get you to cum. But I don’t want you blowing your load quite yet.

Along with your feminization must come training in controlling your masturbation. I think a long edging session would be a great way to start building your stamina and willpower…what do you think? Your marathon walk sessions seem to be just getting longer and longer as the years go by. If you add all the time you masturbate and the time you sleep, where do you find the time to be a productive member of society? Besides, your jerk-off sessions zap all your energy and extend your time in bed. I think you’re better than this and I challenge you to prove that I am right.

You see, your feminine desires are both a source of strength for you but can also be responsible for much wasted time and energy. As a feminization Mistress, I will teach you all you need to know about being a beautiful woman and being able to maintain a sense of balance in your life which you currently struggle with.

So on that note, give consideration to what I have written here, and let me know your thoughts.

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