Miss Rachel, your sissy cheerleader coach! 1-800-356-6169Hello, gurls! Do you delight in the way your cheeks get hot and your clitty gets stiff when your Mistress transforms you into a hyper-feminine caricature and then teases you until you squirt? Do you like to perform for Mistress on webcam, or just in front of the mirror in the privacy of your own home? Then you might want to try out for Mistress Rachel’s All-Sissy Cheer Squad!

I love turning sissies into cheerleaders! How much more feminine can you get, right? Adorable! Especially when you add in the cheers themselves, geared especially toward pointing out just what a girly-not-man you really are!

Choosing the right sissy cheerleader uniform!

I have some opinions about just what makes a cheer-leading uniform sissified enough for sissy wear!

  • I think the color should be pastel. It can be anywhere on the color palate, but it should be a pastel shade.
  • The sweater should be extra tight, but if you’re a bimbo sissy with great big jiggly falsies you’d like to wear with your uniform, you might want to factor that in to the size you get.
  • Just imagine what kinds of logo you could put on the front! Something that speaks to your particular tastes, like a great big glittery cock and balls poised outside of an open and lipsticked mouth, sissy cocksucker? Or maybe just the word sissy would be enough to make you blush!

And the skirt? Well, it should match the jumper, but it should be extra short to show off that juicy, girly ass of yours!

As for the panties that are usually worn underneath the skirt, well, I consider those optional. Especially if you’re a chastity sissy. I think it would be especially fetching to see your caged clitty bob up and down with your spirited jumps as your skirt flips up to reveal it! But if you want more realism, just make sure the panties match the rest of your color scheme.

Pompoms are a nice touch, but not required. The same could be said for a cheerleader mini-megaphone, though

Miss Rachel, your sissy cheerleader coach! 1-800-356-6169

Imagine the possibilities! During the game, and after in the locker room as well!

if you enjoy public humiliation, shouting your sissy cheers through it will make sure that someone hears you! *giggle*

Just want to fantasize without the uniform?

That’s okay! You and I go lots of fun places just through the power of O/ur imaginations!

In fact, the cheers themselves, when you learn them well, may be enough to take you to that special sissy sub space you long for, even if you don’t purchase yourself a uniform!

If you wanted to be one of Miss Rachel’s sissy cheerleaders, I’d make up cheers especially for you, once W/e got to know each other, and you confessed all your femme fantasies to Me!

In the audio below, I’ll share some cheers I’ve created for other sissy cheerleaders that they dutifully learned and performed for Mistress during session, and even on Chaturbate!

Already blushing?

Listen in below, and get in touch if there’s a sissy cheerleader inside you just waiting to be coerced out into the open!


Miss Rachel, Coach of the LDW All-Sissy Cheer Team!



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