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Lovely Rita

Anxious Sissy!

Tell me… Is the cute little ass of yours just twitching with anticipation while you wait for your next feminization assignment? Are you bouncing up and down on your toes – pink, sparkly pen at the ready in one adorably manicured hand… Poised over a page in that sweet little diary with the heart shaped lock where you keep all of your secrets? Does the very thought of what I may have you do for your sissy homework make your clitty tingle and press against the soft satin of your panties?

Well then, you’re in luck! Because I have the perfect sissy chore that will ensure that you are ready for summertime and all of the fun that this season entails!


The first thing you’re going to need to do is make your way to a drug store, department store or beauty supply outlet. No online shopping for this assignment, that’s cheating! ūüėČ Once there, I want you to find the make-up aisle and find the nail polish section. Take your time, really¬†peruse¬†the selection… You’ll be looking for a fun, bright, summer colour….. Sunny yellow, bubble gum pink, a gorgeous teal, anything neon, bright tomato red… Your choice! Once you have the colour picked out, if you don’t already have nail polish remover, a clear top coat, q-tips, ¬†and cotton balls at home, you’ll want to grab some of those too, before you head to the checkout.

Pedicure time!

When you’re home and ready to begin, I want you to get dressed up in an outfit that makes you feel really girly; preferably something like a nightie or lingerie. Sit yourself down, put on your favourite rom-com or girly sitcom and after placing a cotton ball between each of your toes, you can start to paint your adorable little piggies. You want at least two coats for proper coverage, and make sure to allow the polish to dry¬†completely¬†between coats. Once you’re finished, you can dip a q-tip in the remover and clean up any extra polish before applying your top coat.

The Results

I would *LOVE* to see the results, so don’t forget to send me a picture of those adorable toes to or give me a call at 1-800-653-6169 and you can tell me all about the experience, and I might even have another assignment waiting for you! ūüėČ


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