Men Who Want to Dress Like WomenMen Who Want to Dress Like Women: How to Look Convincing

One of the most important elements for men who want to dress female is that the completed look not only has to be convincing but also chic, sexy, and fun. Selecting the right feminine outfit is critical….especially if you’re hoping to hook up with a man later on. In order to be convincing and look more passable you will require an eye catching outfit and boobs.

A Crossdresser or Sissy Bra

For men who want to dress like women, a crossdresser or sissy bra is always necessary. It provides the foundation of a truly feminine ensemble. A bra, along with breastforms, will provide you with the contour shape you’ll need to create the always coveted hour glass shape. This is the shape that will lure your prey into the spider’s web.

Let’s not forget, however, even if you are a crossdresser who is attracted to women, it would not be lady like if you didn’t conceal your sissy clitty. By wearing fitting underwear and hiding your pud in penis purgatory it will help you to create a cute, round, voluptuous bottom that you can sway back and forth…this will surely pique sexual interest in you.

Achieving Your Most Feminine Desire

Moreover, achieving that perfect feminine look you so desire requires you to select a soft-fabric dress made to stretch and conform to your body and newly found curves. A Marilyn Monroe style halter mini dress could be what you are looking for at this point.

It is vital that you dress in clothes that make you feel sexy…the sexier you feel the sexier you will look. It’s that simple. This is what turns heads, both the big head and the small head if you get my drift.

Sexy T-Girls

They’re known as T-Girls, gurls, sissies, crossdressers, transvestites, TVs, and transwomen, just to name a few; and the truth is men cannot get enough of them. Maybe later on after some titillation you can play “hard to get”. As you already know men are attracted to the thrill of the chase like a moth to a flame.

As your strict feminization Mistress. Keep it low-key, keep him on the edge of his seat, and keep that cock of his hard and erect. And, whatever you do, always maintain your feminine composure and be mysterious. Who knows, you might just attract the right man who’s dying to have sex with a hot crossdresser like yourself.


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