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Your feminine desires on display for Ms CindyYou have suffered throughout your entire life, haven’t you? Your lowly station in life reflects the inferiority you feel from internalizing so much shame…and now you’ve found a way to sexualize your suffering to best deal with your internal conflicts.

You can now honestly and safely admit you adore wearing girly girl dresses and you want to forever live your life as a sissy. If you cannot admit it now, then when? If you cannot admit it here in the Enchantrix Empire with a feminization Mistress, then where? You have special needs and I understand that.

As part of  your sexual idiosyncrasies you enjoy being called a sissy, a sissy fag, a girly girl…these are all beautiful names especially when called out in a public forum where others can see you blush and light up like the star you really are. And take notice of your feminine desires.

Bottoms up cutie pie

It’s clear to me that deep down you’re a big sissy and you should allow the shackled sissy inside to come out. This is why I know you’re ready for the next phase in our work together. It’s not hard to lull you into a trance and make your mind receptive to my suggestions.  So I want you to sit down, spread your legs, and begin playing with Madame Clitty…but it’s only a tease for now…nothing more, Sweetie.

You’re getting sexually excited right now, aren’t you? I know you like wearing your wife’s panties instead of your own tighty whities. While only a tease for now, in time you will experience what it’s like to cum like a woman and be fucked like a woman…bottoms up cutie pie…

Now allow your cock to rub against your panties. This will further stimulate you and make you feel wonderful. But alas, my little sissy…you’re just going to have to wait for that explosive orgasm.



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