Cindy (22) Sexual Attraction for a Chick with a Dick

She-males, trannies, chicks with dicks…what a gift it would be to be with someone who has stunning, large breasts, narrow waist, great curvy hips, long shapely legs and a special added bonus surprise. Would it matter if you discovered you’re attracted to she-males? I think this is a difficult question for most men to answer. With so many men rejecting and denying their feminine side, I imagine it would be quite unsettling having an attraction to a he-she.  I’m sure you’ve said to yourself at some point: “I’m not that way. I would never be with one of those.” Then, after further thought over a period of time and some masturbation while looking at pictures of she-males you may actually begin to allow yourself to have a change of heart. Typically, the next step would be to consider meeting up with one albeit convincing yourself “Hey, I’m just curious…no big deal, right…right?

Prepare to become his bitch

Now is the time to prepare yourself young man. You’ve been “curious” long enough about what might happen. Considering a she-male you’re attracted to. Meet up with him, get naked, take off your pants and underwear and don’t be shy. Obviously you’ve never been with a she-male before as you can’t seem to stop staring at his breasts and cock. No doubt by this time your own penis is rock hard…crossed swords anyone?  When you’re with him just try to relax, lay on the bed face down, and prepare to become his bitch. You are a natural submissive. Do not resist and try to relax your sphincter lest it become a painful experience. Can’t you just feel your ass being rubbed and massaged? You like that, don’t you? You’re getting so horny you feel like you’re about to explode

Move your sexy ass to the rhythm

Now that you’re feeling his hard cock rubbing against your ass. Now that you feel his thrusts in your ass moving your entire body don’t you just want to kick yourself for everything you’ve missed out on all these years?
Getting fucked by a she-male has been a liberating experience for some men…so don’t try to hold back. Don’t you want to have the most intense, mind-shattering orgasm of your life?

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