The other day during training, one of My sissies confided in Me that s/he wished he/r clitty wasn’t so big. Personally, I think it’s very hot when a sissy is riding he/r dildo to sissygasm (in the crabwalk position especially) with he/r limp femme-noodle bouncing and helicoptering about, but s/he confessed that s/he wished it was out of the way.

I suggested chastity; perhaps if it was in a nice compact bundle, rendered small by a chastity cage (pink, even), it would seem less obtrusive. But Sissy faced a coinciding conundrum: just because s/he didn’t want he/r big ol’ thing flopping around, it didn’t mean s/he didn’t want to give it some stimulation while s/he pleasured he/r pussy.

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Feminizing that clitty while searching for a sissygasm

Chastity cage and vibrating wand?

Too cumbersome. S/he wanted to lose he/rself in sissygasm pleasure, and having to wield he/r dildo in one hand, or use that hand to balance, as well as a hitachi, would keep he/r from surrendering to the moment.

Invest in a fuck machine? On He/r hands and knees, s/he wouldn’t be looking at he/r clitty, and could even keep it ensconced in he/r panties, simply pulling them aside in the back to access he/r pussy.

Too expensive, s/he said.

That’s when into My mind popped one of My favorite images from sissy porn: the tuck-and-fuck!

(I don’t know whether or not that’s what they call it in the biz, but it’s what I call it.)

Given how much sissy porn sissy watches, I’m surprised s/he didn’t think of it he/rself!

Well, I described it to he/r, s/he tried it, and now it’s he/r new favorite way to get he/r sissygasms!

Perhaps you will feel the same way, sissy reader!

What is tucking?

Mistress Rachel supports your quest for sissygasm! 1-800-356-6169

Many sissies, t-girls, and drag queens avail themselves of this technique for the practical purpose of presenting a more streamlined, feminine silhouette. There are gaffs of all sorts available to effect it. There are panty-style gaffs like this or this, and some gurls just use tape. Basically, the idea is to tuck your girly grapes up into the cavity that naturally exists for them to retreat into (did you know that? They were up there waiting to drop at one point in your life, even if you wish they never did), pull your clitty back, and use some kind of device like the above to hold everything in place.

It’s not the most comfortable process, but gurls get used to it. They’re willing to “suffer for beauty” as they say.

But you don’t have to suffer too much for this technique, sissy!

About as uncomfortable as a ball stretcher for most!

The tuck-and-fuck borrows from this technique, but since it’s not necessarily for matters of better-fitting femme fashion, and since one may want the feminizing effects without losing the ability to stimulate the clitty, it requires neither the tucking of the balls nor any special garments or materials to hold things in place. Both girly grapes and clitty get pushed back.

All you need to hold them in place are your thighs. ????

Are you beginning to get the scintillating, slutty picture?

True, everyone’s body is different. Some clitties may have the length to reach back between the thighs, but they aren’t meant to bend in that direction, even when limp. Same with the grapes. As always, listen to your body. You know the difference between hurts-so-good and “I am injuring my sissy self”, or you should. Heed whatever your body says.

But if you can manage the position I’ll describe in the audio below, and the technique described above, you may just find that even if your great big clitty is still there, you feel so feminine in tuck-and-fuck position that it will add to the arousal that makes a sissygasm possible!

If you need a visual of the position, Google “sissy self fuck”, and you’re liable to come up with some examples to follow, not to mention some “inspiration”.  ????

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