Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? Most folks have some form of resolution, even if it’s just in the form of setting an intent for the year, or distilling down to a Word to define your coming year. I’d like to challenge you to look into some sissy resolutions for the new year, to help focus and refine your approach to 2021, and your sissy journey.

Sissy Resolutions for a new you!

Harper Sissy Resolutions 800 601 7259Are you ready to step forward into the new year as your truest, best self? What’s holding you back? For some sissies, they’re held back from embracing their true nature by fear, guilt, and shame. I’m sure you can guess what my personal opinion is of those three emotions, but, the fact remains that they are real and can be truly debilitating for a lot of folks. Fear of rejection, fear of social and cultural consequences, and even fear of actually being a sissy and finally being happy! Guilt and shame centered around sex and sexual expression, along with guilt and shame over failing to uphold standards of masculine behavior. There’s a lot of powerful emotional reasons why you might not be ready right now to step forward into your sissy life. But you can definitely benefit from setting yourself some sissy resolutions.

What sort of resolutions would work for a sissy like you?

If you’re the sort of sissy who feels the pinch of rejection most strongly, try a sissy resolution to be more bold with your sissy journey. Resolve to wear a tinted lip balm every day, no matter what. If you’re more worried about how you’re upholding standards of masculine behavior, resolve to learn about gender presentation through the years. Did you know that in the early 1900’s pink was considered a masculine color? It’s true! For extra fun, read up on the history of high heeled shoes! Make your resolution serve yourself, and your journey through life; take a cue from sissy affirmations, and phrase your resolution the same way.

Your resolution should be positive rather than negative. Don’t put your resolution for the coming year in terms of what you want to avoid, cut out, or eliminate from your life. Instead, focus on what you want more of, what you’d like to increase or have present for yourself. Instead of “I resolve to wear less masculine underwear” try “I will wear sissy panties every day!” The way our brains work, negative phrases feel more negative, and make us subconsciously less likely to want to focus on them, or do the activities. A positive rephrase is the way to go to get the best results!

Speaking of best results from your resolutions:

A resolution is only as good as the action you put forward to manifest the new behavior and new you. You can resolve everything under the sun, set every intention and decide with great certainty that this is your year to be a fabulous sissy. If you don’t put action behind your sissy resolutions, you won’t see great results. You get out what you put in, so, phrase your resolutions in steppable increments! “I will embody my sissy self every day by caring for my body, washing my face, and dressing with care.” No matter what scale or variant of presentation you’re living with on a day to day basis, that resolution works. Care for yourself, and dressing with care makes no mention of exactly what sissy behaviors you’re bringing forth, but it does push you to remember your sissy self, your presentation, and it’s wholly positive.

Confused about your sissy resolutions moving forward?

Give me a call, I’m great at helping set intentions and format resolutions! In the meanwhile, click on the banner below, listen to the audio, and follow the directions there for more assistance in setting your resolutions for the coming year!

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