Sissy Dress-Up

Many of you reading this have had a life-long fascination with women’s clothing. For some of you, wearing feminine clothing is one of the few ways you are able to get off. For most of you, women’s clothing has had a strange mystique that has fascinated you and acted as a steroid for your vivid imaginations. The truth is that there is a great deal of power a woman wields if no other reason than how she dresses in the morning.

Sensual & Seductive Style

Personally, I find power in my ability to dress in a way that makes me feel sensual and seductive. That could be wearing a trendy two-piece pencil skirt set or a barely-there sexy dress. Soft silks and clingy materials that caress my supple skin are light and wispy and make me feel like a million dollars. On the other hand, men’s clothing lacks imagination and lacks beauty. They are designed for function and are boring and dull and leave you wanting more…much more!

Lured with Clothes

I also find power in my ability to be playfully dominant with men and use my clothing as a tool to get the upper hand and keep it. Your fetishes are there for you to succumb to. They draw you in and keep you in sub-space. The mere sight of my high heels and my stockings, as just one example, is enough to make you masturbate and fantasize about touching them and possessing them…they almost have magical powers in the hands of a fetishist like yourself.

Sissy Wants

As I write these words for you I cannot help but think how frustrating it must be for someone like yourself…male, intelligent and open-minded about issues of gender. You see beautiful women every day in your routine comings and goings and wish you could dress like them. But the social barriers placed on us is enough to keep many of you distant from that which you want so badly…to be wrapped in the garments that make you feel so sexy and secure. They are so close yet so far away at the same time.

Indulge Your Inner Femme

You need not be a sissy to enjoy the physical and psychological experiences feminine clothing have to offer. The aforementioned social barriers are, in my opinion, a construct to help men feel more “manly” and to keep women down. I personally love it when a man cares enough about himself and allows himself to indulge in femininity. These are the men who are ahead of their time.


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