Humiliation Assignment for Sissy

Oh, sissy doll, this post is a double assignment; one, your adornment, the other, your humiliation. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Vitamin D and direct sunlight, but getting your tan on a very busy weekend at a tanning salon is so humiliating. Of course, you will need a pink polka dot bikini and an appointment stating you are a sissy on an assignment for your Mistress. I’m positive you will be very humiliated to be the only “boy” there among young and haughty curious ladies.

You will need to explain what you are. A sissy who is a girl inside and adores female clothes and accessories. No doubt you will meet curious new friends who will hang out with you, preferably ones who will use you for their very fun CFNM parties. You will get to show off your tan lines, dance, serve and service the girls. You will do your cheers in your cheerleading outfit to celebrate your new found friendship!

Sissy SPH

You may have to endure small penis humiliation of course because part of CFNM which should be appropriately called CFNS, will require a strip to the very bottom. Seeing your tan lines, inspecting the small sissy cock and laughing gleefully about what a sissy you are.

What’s next? You will be on your knees worshiping Mistress feet, you will be giving worship strokes, you will be ordered to take the strap on with humiliation. The finale? You guessed right. The sissy stroker eats her cum from the toe of a high heeled Mistress shoe.



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