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The Season of Fabulous Feminine Skin

It’s that time of year, sissy girls, and crossdressing ladies! The weather’s warm, pools are open, beaches are beckoning, and the time is perfect for entertaining in cute skirts and stylish sundresses. That means it’s time to scale back on the coverage and show some soft, well-groomed, pretty feminine skin.

…And flawless feminine skin is what’s in right now!!

#1: Keep those gams smooth!

No Stubble Zone For All

A sissy should have legs to envy, not bristly cactus legs that call attention for all the wrong reasons, and the same “rule of smooth” feminine skin on those legs goes for my crossdressing ladies.

Stay Silky Smooth!

If you’re going to be romping about in a bikini, lounging about in short rompers or going shopping in shorts, you have got to make sure your legs are smooth. Whatever method(s) of hair removal you choose -shaving, waxing, depilatory or a more permanent solution- you must keep your legs soft, smooth, and stubble-free from your hips to your ankles.

Don’t forget to use a good lotion every morning and night to soothe your feminine skin and keep it looking smooth, creamy, and touchable.

#2: Don’t forget your feet!

Fresh, Pampered Tootsies

Sandals… Flip flops… Open-toe heels… Barefoot… Pedicures… Anklets… Your tootsies get so much exposure during the dog days of summer, and it’s essential that they look presentable. Whether you treat yourself to salon pedicures or not, there’s no good reason not to have soft feet.

Be Your Pedicurist

Grab yourself a foot brush, metal foot file, emery implement just for feet, and a pumice stone. Using the brush, clean the top and bottom of your feet and toes with a non-drying, exfoliating foot wash or scrub. Next, use the metal foot file on and around your heels and the emery tool on the entire sole of your feet. Finish up by using the pumice stone for buffing and moisturizing your re-energized feet.

If you’re a sissy or crossdresser who is not yet ready to venture out to a salon for a pedicure, you can follow up the above spa treatment for your feet by finding yourself a lovely seasonal color and painting your toenails yourself or ask a girlfriend for some help.

Once you’ve pampered your lovely legs and feet, you’re all set for lots of sun, sandals, and shorts!

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