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A Deeper Sissy Transformation

Sissy Transformation is always a popular subject as the summer comes to a close. Lately, I’ve been discussing end of Summer wardrobe choices as well as entertaining discussions about how with Fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about beauty makeovers. I have many suggestions about makeup and wardrobe that I’m always pleased to discuss with my callers, but today I’m more interested in talking about the Sissy Transformation that is more than skin deep.

Are you someone who has trouble admitting your Sissy Slut fantasies even to yourself? Do you love to dress secretly but the key word is “secretly” because if anyone were to find out, you would feel so ashamed and embarrassed? Perhaps you well know that you enjoy humiliation but can’t bring yourself to express your need for it. And if this is the case, then I suspect you probably desire extreme humiliation for a range of topics that might include your inability to please women because of your small penis and because you’re not attracted to women. Dare I mention your humiliating bi fantasies?

Sissy Secrets

The interesting thing I find with many closet sissies is that not only do they deny themselves the pleasure of indulging in these desires in real life — they’re afraid to experiment in the privacy of their own home. Sometimes there is a vicious cycle of purging clothing that happens. I have written about previously and will do so again soon, I promise! Sadly many sissies deny themselves the pleasure of experimenting with toys and clothing as if to punish themselves for having these unacceptable fantasies.

Speaking with a phone Mistress who specializes in Sissy Transformation is a very safe and pleasurable way to enjoy your fantasies. I love helping callers with all of these issues and look forward to connecting with you soon!


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