Sissy Dress Up

I’ll bet sissy has big plans for this holiday, from her outfit to her decorations. She is not going to wear a Santa dress with a hat. She is much more original than that. I’m thinking a fabulous vintage hostess dress, maybe something deco in a dusty rose shade. The shoes must match the decade, so whatever decade you chose, find the shoes. Be sure to find pure silk stockings with seams to match your garter belt. Be sure to find a vintage girdle in the appropriate color.

Don’t get too fussy, make sure the decorations are fun. A Christmas Tree with a touch of kink. Find some ornaments in red but shaped like penises. Penis candles for your mantle will work like a charm. Kinky decorations can be found in your favorite kink store. Plan for a kinky party with Mistresses and other sissies like yourself. don’t forget the sissy maids! Sissy maids are only as good as they serve, I mean REAL sissy maids.

Sissy Santa Look

Should you insist on wearing a Santa hat and dress, be sure it is slutty sissy Santa. Make it as short as possible with white stockings with red lace at the top. Choose high red and white Mary Jane pumps. It should be low cut with the biggest breast forms made. Make sure you have a long platinum blond wig under your Santa hat with plenty of heavy makeup for the slut Santa look.

No matter what outfit you wear, do your absolute best with it. Happy Holidays to all sissies!


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