Hello, my fabulous sissies and sluts! I have a sissy assignment for you!

I know that running around dressed in full sissy femme fabulousness isn’t possible for everyone, so don’t worry, this sissy assignment doesn’t include that. What I do want you to do involves some pretty panties, though. I want you, my dear sissy, to wear your panties under your everyday clothes. For some sissies, this is their everyday attire, and for some of you, it’s incredibly risque and daring to wear panties like this. Whether this is old hat for you or something that makes your palms sweat and hands shake, I want you to wear your pretty girly sissy panties throughout your regular day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you forget you’ve got them on… until you move or shift and feel them, suddenly, or have to make a trip to the restroom during the day.

This sissy assignment doesn’t stop there!

sissy assignment 800 356 6169Step two of your sissy assignment is to make a quick stop on your way home from work at the local corner drug store to pick up a few supplies. If you have a significant other, make sure to pay attention to what brand they use… and buy some feminine products for your life partner! Grab yourself some moisturizing lipstick in a nice blush rose tone, too, while you’re at it. If you’re single, just grab some extra large overnight pads. You’ll need your feminine products and lipstick for step three!

Brace yourself; this assignment is going off the rails!

If you live alone, this will be easy to accomplish, but if you live with someone, good luck sissy! I want you to wear one of the pads overnight, in your sissy panties. Put your lipstick on, too, and admire yourself in the mirror before bed. Make kissy faces at your reflection, and enjoy the feel of the lipstick on your lips. Now you’re going to do what burgeoning women have done for ages: practice kissing with lipstick in the crook of your elbow! Bend your arm, and kiss your inner elbow, to practice kissing just like a girl does. Yes, you’re going to get lipstick everywhere. Don’t worry; it washes off. Unless you got the long-wearing kind…

Enjoy your three-part sissy assignment, ladies! Make sure to let me know how you liked it.


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