Sissies! If you haven’t been playing around in the virtual world, you’re missing out.

I started fucking around and in the virtual world one year ago, and let me tell you how much I’ve enjoyed every single second of it! In fact, I’ve loved it so much I want to share it all with you!!! This Sunday the 10th, Virtual Harper is turning a whole year old! In the virtual world, your RezDay is your Birthday, so I’m marking the passage of time with a huge party. That’s right, I’m throwing a shindig and you’re invited!

If you have an account, you’re set!

Virtual Harper 800 539 4566Just pop over to the Enchantrix Empire in the virtual world on Sunday the 10th and hang out! I’ll be handing out prizes all day long, and then, when it’s time for Whore School, come join the live show for all the things I’ve learned in the past year online. Virtual Harper has taught Real World Harper a lot, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you! From how to get a good looking avatar to where to find the best, sexiest, most luscious sex furniture, I know it all. I’ll be serving the tea on Whore School at 11 pm Eastern, so make sure to hit the sim before then!

If you’re new, that’s no problem!

You’ll want to get yourself situated ahead of time, so follow the tutorial I wrote, and get thine fine ass out of the newbie zone and into the adult oriented play area ASAP! You can’t play with Virtual Harper if you don’t walk through the boring ass tutorial and learn how not to walk into walls first. Do that, then come find me!

For the party on the 10th, I’ll have door prizes!

We’ll have music, maybe a DJ or two, and the lovely ladies will be hanging out too. At least I will, it’s Virtual Harper Party Time, so I have to be there. I’ll have presents for you, too. I’m a fan of flower crowns and feathers, and twinkly starry lights, too. Drop in and stay for a while!


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