Do you have secret sissy desires no one else knows about? Then this series is for you. I started to write a post about being a secret sissy and as I continued to

Secret Sissy

Explore Your Feminine Desires

write I quickly realized there is so much more than one post! The series , although named “Secret sissy” is for any man who must dress in masculine clothes and have feminine desires. Make sure you subscribe today so you are notified of updates to this site, and to my series. So get comfortable , perhaps in a pair of satin panties and let’s take a look how you can keep your sissy secrets, yet have fun exploring and enjoying your inner sissy!

Secret Sissy Realization

It’s only natural for you to be curious about the opposite sex, their rituals, clothes , activities. But your interest went beyond that casual interest. Your interest grew until one day…….. you admitted it to yourself …. you’re a sissy. For some, this realization propelled them towards more masculine things. Football, the Military anything ultra masculine running from your desires. But those secret sissy thoughts and desires didn’t go away, did they. No matter how hard you delve into your masculine self, those quite moments in your fantasies. When you sleep and dream those feminine desires keep creeping back.

Secret Sissy Desires Don’t Go Away

So, it took the “hard way” to learn about secret sissy desires. They don’t go away. No matter what you do, no matter where life takes you, the desire to be more feminine is always there. Your yearning to experience things through feminine eyes do not go away. You can put them aside for a bit. Years even. Years where you struggle to live a life, your culture, your family told you was “the right fit for you”.
What are you to do, if you are a secret sissy?

Secret Sissy Mindset

The first goal for any sissy is to get your mind right! Release those negative thoughts, accept you for who you are! Many derive pleasure from feeling humiliated with their feminization. Although this series will touch on that, the main goal is to help you manage your desires. How to incorporate your feminine interests, while maintaining that male life you found yourself in. Some of you will be able to do “more” than others. This isn’t a contest. This is about YOUR abilities, your boundaries and finding ways to enjoying that fem girl inside.

I’ve included a short sample of general “Sissy Affirmations“, for your daily routine. You can listen anytime you have five minutes to relax and feel your feminine self. These affirmations can be customized for you and your particulars. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like a custom audio!

Next, in our series: Secret Sissy Part II : Daily Secret Sissy

Until we chat,

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