Welcome to part two of my Secret Sissy Series: Feeling Feminine Every Day. Just because you have to lead your life in male clothes doesn’t mean you can’t nurture and explore your feminine side! There are a lot of different things you can do , everyday, to help you feel Oh-so Feminine! Yet, keep your secret sissy status!

Secret Sissy

Explore Your Feminine Desires

Secret Sissy Morning

Morning is a great time to start your sissy regime and feeling feminine !Here are some things for you to try and see how they help you explore your feminine self. There are so many more fun ways to have girly fun in the morning, to help set you on your feminine path. When I find out about your particulars, then we can devise a customized girlie plan for you.

Shower with Feminine scents. If Cherry Blossom and ultra fruity or flowery scents are out of the question choose scents like linen, or ocean breeze, soft
cotton. Lotions of the same scent family, if not the companion in the set, help layer the scent all over your sexy skin. Don’t forget your Feminine scented
Develop a skin care routine. Specifically for your girlie face! Start with male sets which should include a cleanser, facial scrub and a good moisturizer.
If you think you’ll raise eyebrows with those closest to you about starting the regime then create a reason why it would be in your possession (Gift perhaps?)
and you “might as well give it a try”. Get my drift?
Breakfast: Every girl has to watch her figure, and you are no exception. Making mindful choices about what we feed our feminine figure goes a long way.
Wear at least one thing feminine everyday: From Lip-gloss or balm, to panties, pantyhose under slacks, camisole under your shirt, wearing
your clitty ring,or sissy plug also counts as wearing something fem!

Secret Sissy During the Day

Girly On-line
Taking your measurements and finding out your feminine body type.
Subscribe to two girly magazines on line. Learn Feminine routines like facials and how to have the best feminine feet.
Girly At Work
What in your workspace can you make girly? Pen? Stapler? Perhaps having some lovely scented air fresheners.
Watching women, and finding videos to help you move like a lady. Walking, sitting and standing. Subtle changes you can make to help you feel
feminine, no one will be the wiser.

So much more to do, up and including full make-overs and sissy days! I’ve included even more ways you can feel more feminine everyday. Don’t be discouraged if some of these suggestions you can’t do, or don’t help you feel feminine. Feeling feminine and what helps you feel that way is different with everyone. That’s part of the fun with your feminine journey. Try everything! What helps you feel feminine and what doesn’t ring that bell. Don’t delay, let’s have some fun! Pick two things above you can do. Then give me an update and tell me what you did. More importantly how you felt!

Next in our Sissy Series Your Sissy Identity.
We will pull your feminine activities from my first post in this series and, this post to start forming your sissy identity.

Until We Chat,

Feminization Mistress Erika


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