The Perfect Candidate

They were led in one by one. I inspected their slender frames as they walked to the perfect spot and stood still. Charlie looked to be the best choice out of the bunch. My prospects for feminization always have to fit certain specifications. The facial features he possessed were like none that I had ever seen. His brow ridge was not pronounced. It gracefully flowed into eyebrows that were naturally uplifted. After a little tweezing, those ice blue eyes would look softer and more feminine.

The Transformation

My assistant escorted Charlie downstairs to the quarters reserved for new submissives. The majority of the cosmetic work would be done before tomorrow. The only procedure that would need to be done was a little enhancement of Charlie’s lips. Lips that were fuller would add to the feminine contours of that already perfect face with its high cheekbones. Hair extensions would have to be added to get the fullness and length to enhance the delicate facial features. Of course. full body waxing was not even a question. Thank goodness the hair was like downy fuzz.

Finishing Touches

Charlene, formerly Charlie looked nothing like the person I saw the day before. I had my assistant get one of the corsets from the closet. The tiny waist that looked so appealing would have to be obtained by corset training. After a few months, the slightly boxy waist would be smaller and more wasp-like. It was no small feat getting it laced up in the back. Charlene could only hold her breath for so long, but my foot in her back did the trick! When she stood up straight and gazed into the mirror a smile crept across her face. Now she was ready to begin her studies in the ways of a female.


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