Bearded Sissy Beauty

I have this new sissy… the sweetest thing ever. But she was also the burliest looking lumberjack with that thick beard and mustache.

She swore to me she would never cut it, that it had been a part of herself for years, that she was really attached to it. I made small comments about how women were not really bearded that way unless they have serious hormonal issues, but pretty much left it at that.

We had a few sessions, she always in her pretty lace panties, always in her pink chastity cage… and always with that beard. I tried to ignore it, to see HER through the fuzzy face. I could do it, but doubted many others would be able to do so.

Beard Be Gone

Then came the latest session when, once Skype was on, it took me about 30 seconds to realize: SHE HAD SHAVED! I clapped and hooted my happiness, then expressed my shock that she had really truly done it. WOW!

And holy cow, did she look different. She finally looked feminine! She had become the sissy I think she saw in her own mind, too. Sweet, soft and, damn was she sexy… I was just in awe of the transformation just from a few swipes of a razor.

Do you have a beard and mustache you are married to? Are you a sissy who really should be clean-shaven, and not just on your genitals? Then get those scissors and razors and shave that furry stuff off your sissy face. You will be shocked at the difference, just like I was with my own girl.


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