Sissy Shopping

What does a sissy do on the cold days of winter? She goes shopping at a warm mall. She marvels at the elaborately decorated Christmas Tree, oogles the winter boots in the shoe store windows, sachets past the lingerie store, and browses in Forever21. If she is lucky enough to have a Mistress, she will no doubt have a humiliation session, especially if she is accompanied by Princess Britany and her entourage of mean girls!

Number one is panty shopping of course. What is a sissy without a wardrobe of panties? Nothing! Knowing I will be there with my friends planning a very humiliating the sissy session should get you up and running very quickly. No doubt your makeup will be put on a bit too quickly. You will definitely be punished for that, so take the extra few minutes which you will be punished for as well. You just can’t win, can toy girlie boy?

If you show up under dressed in clothes out of season just to show your pastels and spring wear, you will never hear the end of it. You may even be over our knees at the food court. How embarrassing! Seems that either way, you lose. There may be a happy medium though. Entertaining us would be an option. Another option is taking us all shopping and then a little meal at the food court where all will be forgiven, that is, if you happen to find a real stud of your liking. Our liking even better. Servicing him would be totally awesome!

The end of the evening should end up at my house with you dancing with your new stud, real close. So bundle up really warm with scarf, formal winter coat, stockings and sexy boots. Be top class to avoid any unpleasant experiences, and full makeup of course. Do not forget your pretty hat. See you there, girlfriend!


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