Hello Feminization fans! Welcome to My Secret Sissy Series III , your Sissy Identity. Today’s series entry is about going deeper, perhaps deeper than you ever have in your feminization journey. You see, I’m surprised by the response I get when I ask “What kind of sissy are you?” Often it’s something they haven’t thought of before. Keep in mind this series includes all forms of feminization from cross-dressing to identifying as a trans-girl and everything in between, I’m just using sissy as a general moniker.

I Never Thought About My Sissy Identity

You would not be alone. Many males who are interested in feminization focus on the accoutrements of feminization. Hair, make up, lingerie, heels. What makes them LOOK more feminine. Working from the outside – in. When , in truth your sissy self is within you , yearning to break free! Who is that female INSIDE? Yes, trying on feminine items to see what on the outside best fits with who you are inside is a great place to start! Start asking questions like: What does that girl inside like to do? What image do you want to put out in the world. It does NOT matter if that world is uber tiny (you and I only) or a larger circle who knows. Nurturing that female inside is required. These aspects are as important things to consider as you go throughout your feminization journey.

Some aspire to be Bimbo Gurls. Big breasted, small waist , firm ass. Legs for miles and a lipsticked smile to match. Vapid, giggly and ready to serve and please. Her interests are glamour magazines , shopping and where to get the best gel nails.

Some identify with a more sporty fem self. Capri’s, keds and a cute gingham crop top. They all scream girl next door, cute bubbly and has a smile for everyone. Your positive energy is infectious. She likes to cook, garden and surprise her special someone with a picnic basket lunch on occasion.

Classic and glamorous, anything with bling draws your eye. Extravagant in both appearance and conduct you prefer the more sophisticated pleasures in life. Concerts, plays and big city life is for her. But make no mistake, this elegant fem can be wickedly delicious in the bedroom.

The fantastic part of all of this is you are a GIRL! You can mix and match traits and looks until you become the girl you were DESTINED to become! The sky is the limit, darlings! What’s it gonna be for you?

Your Sissy Identity: Your Name

Secret Sissy

Explore Your Feminine Desires

So you see girls, this series will get you thinking more about who your feminine self is, and leading you to this most important decision. Your sissy name.

Taking the first two blogs in my series: Secret Sissy I Realization, and the second installment Secret Sissy II Feeling Feminine Every Day is all part n parcel to discovering your sissy identity. Your name helps identify you, complete you. I sometimes suggest you adopt a name that means something to you. Perhaps an idol you have, or a favorite female friend who’s been there for you, supporting you. Perhaps someone you aspire to.

Here are some suggestions for the three types of girls above. You give it a try, leave your suggestions below.

Bimbo: Candy, Cotton, Lacy, Bubbles
Girl Next Door: Missy, Tammy, Jill, Lisa
Elegant: Barbara, Alexandria, Elizabeth

Once you decide on a name, or for some your Mistress decides, then your secret self must follow suit. Creating your feminine email address, and other online activities you are no longer “Jo or Bob” you are your fem self. At Enchantrix Empire our sissy’s are free to be who they are. Share their journey and be that girl you want to be all in the safety and welcoming atmosphere of the Empire.

Then, once you are set, think of yourself “as your feminine self” What would Missy like to do today. Missy perfers purple than red. You get the idea. Also introducing yourself in session with your fem name. Personally I don’t care to use your male name, it doesn’t fit. So much to explore when you decide it’s time to express that secret sissy inside.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Secret Sissy Series, if you have let me know! Email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com and let’s discuss your guided feminization journey!

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