Don’t Rush

Your feminization process should be a fun and freeing experience. With that said it doesn’t excuse you from putting in some very real effort. Becoming the best sissy you can be by unlocking and exploding your feminine side and all she has to offer takes real time and discipline. One of the longest processes in feminization can be working on your sissy voice. Unless you, yourself have performing or voice work experience then voice training is something you may not have expertise in.

Honing your sissy voice and doing it right takes work, time and patience. You don’t rush a masterpiece, so don’t rush your voice!

Do’s and Do Not’s

Do NOT speak at the highest pitch you can because you think it’s an easy way to achieve a girly voice. In fact, it makes you sound unnatural and very fake. That is not a ideal for the perfect sissy voice, not to mention it’s a killer on your vocal cords cause you are not maintaining a proper technique.

Do raise your pitch to a comfortable level and allow resonance to support it. Resonance of the voice in simple terms is amplification and voice quality. There are many exercises that you can use to work on resonance training.

Do NOT whisper. Yes, whispering can make your voice sound a little lighter when you add in a pitch but you suffer a loss of power behind your voice. You won’t be able to properly amplify and not to mention NO ONE CAN FUCKING HEAR YOU!

Do use your inside voice when using and practicing your sissy voice. It’s important to be able to hold a natural tone in a conversation with anyone else. So it’s reasonable you won’t have to whisper or scream at anyone to do this.

DO NOT PINCH YOUR THROAT! I saw a sissy do this on cam when demonstrating her sissy voice to me. Yes, it will help raise your larynx up but makes you sound strained. Tires out your voice. And most importantly makes you look really stupid. That’s not something you can do naturally in front of others.

Do practice safe techniques of exercising or “floating the larynx”. This helps to loosen up your voice and learn your pitch range. The goal is to not have the larynx up to high or to low. Find a comfortable middle.

Good luck and practice makes perfect ladies!


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