Panty Inventory

It’s time for sissy panty inventory. Spring cleaning is in full force. It’s time to check your panty drawer for panties in need of mending, discarding, and re-evaluation. That means have you gotten over your boy short phase? I hope so. I love boy shorts for me, not you. Too close to being a boy. There is no way I could ever pass as a boy and you envy me for that in fact, you at times resent that. I am a real girl. Do not forget it. How could you anyway? ha!

So back to the panties. Dump the whole contents of the drawer on your made bed. Now sort through them one by one. Check for cum stains, check for rips and tears from pulling them off in a mad purge, check for worn elastic which is wear and tear, check for faded colors. There is nothing uglier than faded pink with torn up lace. I don’t care if they are your favorite pair, throw them out. Do not give them away either, no matter how close you are to a sissy friend. Sissies mostly like new personal panties, not used and cruised.

Sissy Panty Shopping

After you have sorted through, take a picture of them and go out shopping for new panties which are totally different. I would love to see the new selections so I can critique and give advice. I’m sure being a bonafide poof ball sissy such as yourself, your selections will be just fine, but one never knows. You could have slipped a pair of dominant black ones in the mix. That will not do! Crotchless panties are acceptable because it shows you are slutty and ready for action. Pink shows submissive sissy, yellow shows, well, you know. Red shows you are passionate about being a girlie boi.

Take my advice on this. Bikini cut is the most flattering, especially high cut bikini. Be sure not to get “high cut” exclusively because they are matronly. Boy cut is all the rage but I don’t approve boy anything. Leopard print is fun, but black is too dominant. Above all else, PINK!



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