Use Proper Exercises to Train Your Voice

Previously I mentioned some do’s and don’ts for Sissy voice training. I also mentioned that there are exercises you can use to train your voice. So let’s go over an exercise that is going to be important for multiple reasons.

The first exercise you should start with is singing. More specifically singing a scale from your base voice to as high as you can go. Do this with simple sounds like “Oo, Aa, Fa”. Of course especially if you don’t sing often your voice will crack and might not be pleasant to the ears. Don’t let this discourage you, over time it won’t be so bad. The reason for this exercise is to help find the right feminine pitch that works for you. As well as exercising your voice range. Remember you are looking for a pitch
you can hold naturally. Doing this at least 5 times a day gives you a great start. Plus it’s simple and you can do it in the shower.

Add-In Resonance

Resonance is the ability to add power behind your voice like an amplification which is caused by vibrations. Strengthening these vibrations help give that added power behind your voice. After a while when you feel you have the right pitch change your exercise up a bit. This time start with your femme voice you feel is most natural to you and increase in pitch slightly as high as you can go without straining. (Remember if you femme voice causes strain its not natural and you still need to practice the first exercise more until you find a natural holding pitch.) Use “Nae, Nja, and Ng”. The “Ng” sound will be a hum. You use these sounds cause you will notice the these require resonance. These sounds produce vibrations in your throat that you will noticeably feel.


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