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This blog is for a specific kind of sissy, and if the shoe fits, you lace that bitch up and drop to you knees, and start sucking. I’m referring to sissies who love BBC. You can’t get enough dark meat in your life, and you’re always doing the most to get a juicy big black cock. But how far will you really go? Today we will find out, because The Duchess of Ebony Femdom has an assignment for you. I want you to become my pink BBC loving sissy, and serve your black masters.

Pink BBC Sissies Always Know Their Place

And what your bitch hole is for. Certainly not for talking, no. It’s for servicing your ebony femdom and her black kings. The moment you prostrate yourself in front of me, begging for the chance to suck black dick, you’ve given me permission to fully act upon my power and feminize you, grooming you to be as nature apparently intended. Yes, I’m referring to the worthlessness that is your dick. We all know you don’t get hard for women. Only black cock. There’s one little problem: Some of you haven’t earned that BBC. Luckily for you I have a plan to train you to be a proper BBC sissy gurl. And there is going to be pink involved. Lot’s of pink.

Objectified Sissies

One of my specialties is being the ebony femdom cuckold. I also love training bitch ass white bois and bringing them to heel. I do have a softer side, though, and no less thorough than when I’m breaking in sissies and cuckold bitches. My softer side likes to make sissies wear all pink, with encouraging affirmations printed across the front of their attire. Affirmations that will remind a sissy that they are the beta bitch of society. And the color pink has a very soothing and feminizing effect on men – correction – sissies who do not yet know they are such. In addition to making sissies wear nothing but pink, I enjoy objectifying them and putting them on display as frilly pink fucksluts for black bulls. I also encourage sissy bitches to never ever refer to a black man as a bull, in my presence.

Respecting Black Dominants

I train sissies to be respectful of both black women and men at all times. Black women are queens, and black men are Kings. If you are a subject in my royal court, this is wise to remember, when serving me. Nothing is more palpable to a sissy, than having to don all pink and prance around like a sissy princess, in front of the almighty black king and queen. As part of your diversity training, there will be a lot of prancing, to go along with all the pink and ruffles you’re wearing. And the most important rule of all, is that the ebony femdom always knows best.


Your Pink BBC Sissy Training

Starting from the moment you read this blog, you are a pink sissy trainee. This is the part that delights me, because there is a hierarchy even among sissies. If you complete all tasks given to you, you will then move up in rank to a pink sissy bunny. A pink sissy bunny offers her throat and ass pussy to The Duchess and to her black King whenever and wherever required. The highest honor one of my sissies can achieve, is pink sissy princess doll. Dolls oversee all other sissies, they get to suck lots of BBC and bounce on black dick, and sometimes, they even get to make a little sissy mess of their own if they earned it. Do you want to be my sissy princess doll? Then keep reading, because I have a sissy dress code and an assignment for you.

Pink BBC Sissy Assignment

I discovered recently, that there are BBC and “spade” panties and other outfits. I have a disdain for the term “spade” and anyone who uses it. So the first part of your pink bbc sissy assignment is to write a 500 word essay on why the term “spade” is racist and disgusting. The very next thing you’re going to do, is “pink up” your attire. You will purchase 5 pairs of pink “BBC only” panties, one for all five days of the week, and for the other two days you will purchase 2 pairs of pink g string panties. They do not have to say bbc on them, they do need to be pink.

Pink Sissy Serves The Duchess

For the rest of your assignment, you will need to call The Duchess, so we can go shopping together. You will need some jewelry and some tasks to do throughout the week, and you will receive your instructions ONLY by calling me. You want to satisfy your black Queen, I’m sure, so I know that you will not fail me. The number for your pink sissy training, is 1-800-601-6975. You will ask for Duchess Willow, and then we will discuss how you can further endear yourself to me. Until then, stay in the pink, sissy bitch.

Duchess Willow

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