Sissy Sploshing Feminization

Goddess Brighton has a sissy sploshing feminization assignment for all you naughty sissies. 1-800-601-6975

I have an excellent habit of implementing food play into everything, including sissification. So yes, I think sissy sploshing feminization would be fun because I wanna dress you up, and then get you dirty. And I’m really REALLY good at getting you dirty, sissies!

Sissy Sploshing Feminization

Do you guys follow my Enchantrix Tease blog? If you do, then you will know the following that I am about to tell you. And if you don’t, let this be the deciding factor in whether or not you want to play with me. So here’s the info… fuckers! First off, I am a playful and sadistic Mistress. I like inflicting pain and humiliation when playing with sissies. I am a sensual Mistress and a bratty Domme. And I absolutely LOVE sploshing phone sex. Never heard of sploshing? It’s a form of wet and messy play and food fetish where the submissive or sploshing subject gets down and dirty with the food and gets it all over themselves. You can do sploshing fully clothed, partially clothed, or fully naked.

Sissy Sploshing with Demented Miss Brighton

I’m gonna go full stupid with my sploshing fetish, and make you get all prettied up, and then push you into a large vat of cake and ice cream. Or! Think big sissy ballgown and your sploshing Mistress seeing just how much food she can fill your dress with before you tip over. Oooh new game: sissy tipping! No, but seriously, if you have a big fluffy sissy ball gown or some evening wear that you don’t mind A. paying a really big cleaners bill afterward or B. that you’re not attached to, let’s fucking do this!

Feminization Prepping for Sissy Sploshing

I want you completely smooth for your sissy sploshing session (say that three times fast!), which means make a bottle of Nair your friend or maybe have Duchess Willow wax you and then pass you over to me when she’s done having her fun with you! *snort-laugh* Oh to be a fly on the wall for your waxing session. Muahahahahahah! The next thing you need to do, if you have not already, is pick out the dress you’re going to wear for the sissy sploshing session. Remember to refer to the above when choosing your attire. Or if you’re feeling really froggy, you can call me for someone on one feminization phone sex, and I’ll help you pick one out before the big wet and messy day!

Foundation for Sissy Sploshing

It’s no fun if I can’t shove an industrial size jar of chocolate pudding in your panties, obviously, so you will need a sexy pair of panties and a matching bra. I’m thinking also wear a pair of full-coverage pantyhose, also good for stuffing full of food. The visual I have is you waddling around with a pile of baked beans, cake, ice cream, and donuts weighing down your undergarments and then having to sit in the mess while a giant wet spot forms on the outside of your dress. Did I mention I was warped? Because I’m fucking warped.

Sissy Sploshing in the Get Girlie Forum

We’re having a 16th birthday party for the Get Girlie forum next month, check out Mistress Rachel’s post on our EE social network. And there will be a special sissy sploshing audio there from me, with some special instructions for you! So if you have not already signed up for the get girlie forum, it’s free. AND if you haven’t signed up for our EE network, that is also free. The rest of your sissy sploshing assignment is super easy to do. You will need to call me for an intro on all things sploshing phone sex. I figure we can suss out kinky food playthings while you’re waiting for your snazzy evening gown to arrive. Never tried sploshing before, but you’re curious? I would be happy to guide you into the land of kinky food fetish debauchery. So make your food playlist and get ready to romp with me! Did I also mention I have a thing for sploshing and strap-ons? No? Well, there is that. So here’s what YOU need to do right now: Call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. You can email me at if you have any questions about your big day with me. Make sure you check out the audio, it’s got more instructions for you. See you soon!


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