We all know that sissies don’t exactly stroke their cocks like a man, so why in the world would I be writing about sissy masturbation techniques for Stroketember?! Because sissy stroking doesn’t have to look like what an alpha male does when he’s busy jerking off. Silly sissies get caught up in the masculinity trap all the time, and wind up thinking they have to act like a man when they’re incredibly ill-equipped to even shine the shoes of a real man. Instead, I have some tips and techniques for all sissies to really bring your sissy-gasm game to new heights. Keep on reading for five badass techniques meant to make all sissies cream their panties.

Five Sissy Masturbation Techniques

Mistress Harper loves Sissy Masturbation 800 601 7259Sissies have been coming up with interesting ways to tickle their clitties and make their eyes roll back forever, but I bet I can bring you at least a couple of ideas that are new to your masturbation game. Use these one at a time or all together to really reduce your brain to a slimy liquid. We start at the top, with Nipple Teasing.

Tease those nipples, sissy!

Not all sissies have taken the time to cultivate the needed sensitivity to nipple play to be able to completely orgasm just from a little light nipple teasing, but some have! If you have, you’re going to love this, and if you haven’t taken that time yet, you’re about to. Mistress Harper’s patented sissy nipple teasing technique involves you using just the very tip of your finger to tease across your nipples, barely touching. Make sure there’s nothing between your nips and your teasing fingertips, and keep going until you can’t take it anymore. The key is a very light touch, just enough to be touching but not firm rubbing (and just imagine how good that touch would feel for some cock teasing!) Enjoy!

Have you tried… a pillow?

Pillow humping for sissies is a tried and true technique and if you haven’t given it a try yet, you should! You can either lay on your side, tuck a pillow between your knees, and do some side crunches to bring that pillow into contact with your little sissy clitty, or you can fold a pillow in half and kneel over it, as if you were riding a nice big cock cowgirl style. Either way works well to really help emasculate a sissy! Try humping a pillow next time you’re in the mood for some sissy masturbation.

Anal-gasms are the best sort of sissy-gasm you can have!

For sissy masturbation, nothing beats your standard dildo in the ass routine. I’ll leave it up to you exactly how you manage to get that gorgeous cock into your sweet sissy pussy (bussy, if you will), but my personal favorite is to use a suction-cup base dildo and have you back that ass up onto it. Remember if you’re using your toy in the shower, to invest in water safe lube, and to keep your hands off your sissy nubbin’. Your goal should be to orgasm just from being filled and feeling that delightful friction in your ass.

For sissies who want to lose their minds, try toys.

Coming strongly recommended from a long time client of ours, try using a clitoral stimulator style vibrator on your sissy clitty. There are a couple of different styles you can choose from, ranging from stimulators that create suction by rapidly moving a diaphragm back and forth, to sonic vibrators that use sound waves to pulse over a very specific spot. Try the Lelo Sila – Cruise and let me know how it worked for you. I’m willing to bet you’ll love it the way I love it.

Final sissy masturbation technique: rattle the cage.

For this one to work, you need some equipment, sissy. Start with a chastity cage, and add a strong vibrator like the Magic Wand. Just like the pillow humping technique, you’re going to have to do a little work. Lay your vibrator on the bed, and then hump it. Bring your chastity cage into contact with the vibrator so that it causes the entire cage to transmit vibration to your locked sissy swizzle. You can combine this with some anal play, maybe toss in a vibrating butt plug to really make your brain explode.

Are you ready to try some sissy masturbation?

Of course you are, sissy! Everyone knows sissies can’t keep their hands off their dicks, that’s why one of our favorite months is coming up soon. We may be in Stroketember now, but Locktober and No-Nut November is coming up fast. Better get all your sissy-gasms and cute wittle orgasms out now, because we’re gonna be exploring sissy chastity next month. That last technique is going to come in really handy for all the sissies really soon. Better bookmark this page just in case, sissy.

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