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The only thing better than being a sissy popsicle during the month of December – or being a sissy eating a big popsicle – is being feminized by multiple Mistresses and teased and denied until you explode into a puddle of pink confetti! Luckily for you, pass the sissy gives you a chance to have a very naughty sissy session, with as many Femdoms as you can wiggle your sissy bottom at and get spanked!

Pass The Sissy – Sissies On Parade

As part of our horny for the holidays promotion, we’ve got a special on pass the penis and pass the sissy, where if you purchase a 5 Mistress pass the sissy session, you can add a 6th for free! And I know how greedy you sissies are for attention. This is your opportunity to be a tossed around frilly cream puff and entertain the ladies while we dress you up, and quite possibly turn you out. It doesn’t matter if your looking for feminization only, or if you’re one of those really “naughty” sissies that likes cock and getting all their holes filled. If you’re a good gurl I might even let you see what’s under my sissy ballgown!

Pass The Sissy And Live Your Fantasy

Let’s set the scene shall we? You’re brand new to feminization and you get an invite to a Femdom gala of sorts. Dress to impress, which means you’re going to need someone to guide you in picking out your sissy ball gown and teach you how to conduct yourself like a lady. But that’s only the beginning! Not only are the Dommes going to doll you up and teach you how to be a proper sissy gurl, your reward for doing all your chores and following protocol, is an invite to the after party, Cinderfella!

Micromanaging Assignments

Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

The Pass The Sissy After Party

After a wardrobe change into something frilly and sexy, it’s revealed what really goes on at these Femdom after parties. Fun is an understatement, and your objective is to satisfy and delight the Mistresses, while surviving lots of teasing and tormenting and… quite possibly much more raunchy fun that can’t be mentioned here. We wouldn’t want you to get too excited before the party now would we? Are you ready to play sissy musical chairs and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a good little sissy muffin for me?

Pass The Sissy Butt Slut Training

I am known for being a sadist when it comes to my favorite Femdom and BDSM things. Where sissies are concerned, the more humiliating the task you complete, the happier I am. If you comply with sissy humiliation and being a slutty whored out crying sissy for my amusement, I’d like to remind you that serving me, means serving hole. And all of your sissy holes will be put to use while you’re passed around. I want to see how well you handle cocks, spanks, whips, and paddles. And what a good little sissy cock rider you are! So if you want your hole to be ready for action, it’s best you start training now!

Sissies Requirements For Pass The Sissy

If you’re going to play pass the sissy with me, you’re going to need a few things to start off. Your first assignment is to find a super cute sissy outfit to wear for our call! You will obviously need to carve out at least an hour to make sure you get enough time with each Mistress. And if you’re going to be serving hole, you’re going to need something to put in those holes! If you’re a seasoned butt slut, bring your favorite butt slut toys, and if you’re an anal virgin trainee, start small! I know it’s tempting to ram the biggest dildo you can find, and your horny brain is going to be a size queen, buuuut if you are just starting out, start small. We can work you up to using the bigger toys and stretching out that anus.

Ready To Play Pass The Sissy With Me?

Remember, pay for 5 Mistresses, get the 6th Mistress free. You can pick out the other 5 Mistress or I will be happy to pick them out for you! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton, and make sure you tell the dispatcher you want to play pass the sissy!

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