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The sissy fetish is quite phenomenal. You’re not a man, not quite a woman, but you are definitely a feminized little bitch. In my four years at LDW, I have enjoyed teasing and tormenting sissies, feminizing men who wish to be bitch made, and embarrassing sissies in public. I am a sissy humiliation Mistress, and while I will help you be the best sissy ever, I will humiliate the living fuck out of you while I do it.

Sissy Humiliation

Making men cry is therapeutic for me; Making sissies cry is entertainment. Watching sissies wail and cry and beg and scream, only makes me laugh harder at their pathetic blubbering. Making sissies do humiliating things for my pleasure, and the pleasure of my fellow Mistresses, gives me the greatest joy. Are you sensing a theme here? Good, because here comes the part where I give you your sissy humiliation assignment, and tell you to fuck off.

Crying Sissies

If you read Princess Bethany’s post: Sissy Throws A Fit, then you already know how much she enjoys teasing sissies with the object of their desire. So here’s your assignment from me! 1. Take a picture of yourself in your Sunday best, sissy pink, wearing a bonnet and ruffled panties. 2. Get pink lipstick and a dildo to suck on. 3. Practice your best sissy crying bitch routine while prancing around like the effeminate little girly man that you are. 4. Set up a skype session with me, and set up your skype so that you can perform your sissy humiliation/crying sissy routine for me while you suck that rubber cock. When you’ve mastered the task of being a walking performance piece in a tutu, call me! 1-800-601-6975. Just ask for Brighton and make sure you tell the dispatchers you’re a prancing sissy cum bucket. Now get to work!


Mistress Brighton


Mistress Brighton 1-800-356-6196

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