Are you a sissy with a foot fetish?

Personally, I think all sissies should at least be interested in shoes, because nothing says ‘femme’ quite as well as a good pair of cute sandals. Let’s be real: shoes for male identified people are just so blocky, and boring, and, frankly, ugly. If you’re going to explore your feminine side, you’re gonna need to branch out to the wide world of women’s shoes. And if in the process of exploring women’s footwear you wind up getting a little turned on by shoes and pretty painted toes, there’s worse things that could happen! I adore a sissy with a foot fetish!!!

Shoe basics for sissies:

foot fetish 800 356 6169Gurls, if you’ve never put thought into getting some cute kicks, you need to. No ensemble is complete without adorable footwear. Let’s start with the basics for sissies: heels. I’m going to assume you’ve never worn heels before, so, here’s the bare beginner advice: start low. You may aspire to sky scraper heels with sharp points on the stiletto, but trust me when I say to start with an inch or two at most. You need to learn how to walk in heels, how to balance, and how not to fall the fuck over like a marionette with broken strings. Wear your heels every day around the house for an hour or two, to get used to the way they feel, and the way you have to move in them. Of course, I follow the positive reward and reinforcement school of thought, so, after getting in your practice wearing your heels, reward your new foot fetish with a little shoe masturbation and stroking. That’s right, go on ahead and put your sissy clit in that shoe and have some fun!

Every foot fetish is centered around a specific shoe and foot combination.

foot fetish 800 601 7259Some sissies love strappy sandals, some go for closed toe pumps, and some are just gaga for latex thigh high boots. Whatever blows your skirt up, embrace it and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! You do you, darlings! And yes, it’s fine to experiment a bit when it comes to shoes and footwear. Maybe you love those pointy toed pumps, but have you thought about trying a peep toe style? You might discover that the hint of a toe peeking from the tip of your shoe is your newest aphrodisiac! Embrace your foot fetish and shoe love, and try new things. You could find something really enjoyable just by playing a little game of dress up.





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