All sissies have their sweet little fantasies about their perfect idealized life. Most of the time that involves some sort of feminization and cross dressing, and some of those fantasies involve sexual acts they’d probably blush to hear spoken aloud. Like fluffer fantasies. Turns out there’s a solid chunk of sissies that secretly dream of sucking cock for their Mistress, as part of an ongoing cuckold situation! I have to admit, I do like those idyllic dreams myself. Having a humiliated and turned on slut eager slobbering away with a dick in their mouth is one of my go-to happy thoughts.

Fluffer Fantasies For Sissies

Mistress Harper Loves SissiesWe’re about to explore the wonderful world of the sissy cuckold, so hold on to your garters girls. I’ve often said that erotic humiliation pairs extremely well with all sorts of other fetishes and sexual games, and experience has proven me right again and again. Sissy fluffer fantasies are enhanced by adding little elements of humiliation and power exchange. This is most clearly seen in sissy cuckold scenarios, in which our dear Sissy is reduced from her previous position as Man of the House to nothing more than a Cock Sucking Slut in service of a Real Man about to fuck Sissy’s wife. Poor Sissy. Well, don’t pity that sissy too much, she’s getting everything she ever wanted and more!

Sissy cuckold fantasies hinge on a few key elements: the extreme feminization of the husband and the sexual gratification of the wife. In a lot of ways it’s a very straight fantasy, as it does rely heavily on traditional gender roles in heterosexual sex. The husband is dethroned from his usual role as man of the house and husband, and reduced to what was previously his wife’s role! Instead of the wife being the only one to kneel and suck a cock, clean the house, cook a meal before sex, serve drinks, and otherwise assume the role of woman of the house, that job becomes the purview of the feminized sissy! Right down to being the one to kneel and suck cock in order to get him hard so he can fuck the wife. The coerced feminization of the husband into the sissy cuckold with fluffer fantasies come true is the center of the entire scenario.

Suck Cock For Mistress

There is a fine difference between sucking cock for its own sake and being a sissy fluffer. The fluffer does not usually get to make the bull have an orgasm. In fact, usually making him cum is right off the table! Some men, those rare and vanishingly few, can become erect again quickly after an orgasm. We treasure those men, because it is actually rare to find someone with a short refractory period. A proper fluffer doesn’t get a mouthful of cum, because the goal is an erect cock ready to fuck, not a satisfied and flaccid one. If you’re the sort of sissy who wants that load of jizz in her mouth, you probably wouldn’t be very good as a fluffer. Greedy slut sissies are terrible at stopping before they go too far! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to grab a sissy and drag her whore mouth off before she made him finish too soon.

Do You Want To Be A Sissy Fluffer?

You’re not alone if you want to indulge in this lovely fantasy. A lot of men would love to see their wives have big thick cocks stuffed up their pussies, making them cum over and over again. The idea of kneeling by the bed and watching his spit slick cock spearing into her makes many sweet submissive feminized sissies cream themselves. Consider, if you’re into the idea of being a fluffer for your wife, how much more erotic and sexy it would be to have to wear her panties while you suck his cock, and how embarrassing it would be to lick her cream pie clean knowing he can see your prick trapped behind her lacy lingerie. See? Erotic humiliation does make everything so much better!

Explore Your Fantasies

It’s OK, sissy, you can explore all your dirtiest and raunchiest fantasies with me, in perfect safety and anonymity. Give me a call, and let me know what you’ve been fantasizing about! Don’t forget my Participation Prize, leaving comments can earn you free minutes to spend with me! Everyone’s a winner, and you’ll enjoy the process of earning that time, too.

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