Oh sissy, I hope you really enjoyed the sissy masturbation techniques from Stroketember, because now that it’s Locktober you’re about to be locked up and denied, all month long! Why in the world would I be advocating so strongly for sissy chastity when I generally tend to encourage you to express all the joy and pleasure that being a sissy can bring you? Isn’t that obvious, sissy? Locking you in chastity does in fact allow you to express the joy and pleasure of being a sissy. When you’re locked in chastity you can focus on what really matters to you as a sissy. It also enhances all your sissy attributes and advances you further along the trajectory of sissification. So buckle up, we’re gonna lock you in chastity all month long!

Sissy Chastity For Locktober

Locking You In Chastity Makes Me SmileSissies need chastity in order to help remind you to keep your hands off your little swizzle stick. Without actual physical intervention, sissies would spend every moment of every day frantically masturbating and humping away. You know it’s true! Sissy sluts love to indulge in all the things that make their brains light up like a Light Bright, often to a degree that negatively impacts their lives and relationships. How many times have you had to make some sort of an excuse for why you were late, or why you missed an important anniversary? You can’t use the truth, because you know no one would react well to ‘well, but I was busy masturbating uncontrollably to panties and sissy porn’.

Chastity has benefits for sissies like you

In addition to reigning in that sex drive, sissy chastity can help you learn to redirect your desires away from stroking your dick and towards other sissy activities. Did you know that some sissies can orgasm just from anal sex alone, with no need to unlock their cock and stroke at all? It’s true. Dedicated chastity over a longer period of time can help you learn to have orgasms that aren’t rooted in your sissy clit. You can learn to orgasm from nipple play, anal sex, or even just from thinking about pleasing your Mistress. I have a lovely little video clip saved of one of my sissies having a completely hands free orgasm just from thinking about being a good slut, and hearing my voice tell him he’s doing so well for me. Chastity can help you learn to do the same.

Long term chastity for sissies can reshape your life

You can harness all that sexual drive and lust, learn to channel it through another expression of your sexuality, but there’s another reason to try sissy chastity. There are proven changes that happen in your brain and your mannerisms just from being locked in chastity. Even a span as short as just a week can create massive changes in the way you move, talk, walk, and exist in the world. You’ll be more submissive in general, not just with your Mistress while you’re talking to Her, but all the time! The way you carry yourself will change, you won’t feel like you even need to try to be a real man; imagine no more pretending to be into football and beer, no more talking about objectifying women, and you can finally express that you do have an opinion on fabric choices and color palates in decorating. You’ll be more you through the changes that chastity will create in your life.

Ready to be locked in chastity all month long?

Even limited chastity can really effect your life, but for maximum impact, sissy, you really do need to be locked in chastity for a month or more. Keep in mind that No-Nut November is looming on the horizon, so maybe just one month won’t be quite enough, and we’ll wind up going for two (or more)! Dip your toes into sissy chastity and embrace all the blessings and joy that locking that useless dick up can bring. Oh, and my personal favorite: the pink chastity device shaped like a vulva!

sissy chastity

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XOXO, Harper

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