Happy New Year Sissies! I hope you’ve all survived the winter holiday month of endless busy and hectic running around, and are now ready to settle into a brand new year, and a new you! Have you set your sissy resolutions yet? If you haven’t, I have some advice for you, and not to hide the good stuff under a ton of wordy blather, I’ll just straight up tell you. First up, chase your bliss! Next, embrace feminine energy. And finally, let go of what doesn’t serve you. Want to know details? Keep reading!

Sissy Resolutions

Mistress Harper Loves SissiesEvery good sissy knows that being a sissy can be a hard road. If you’re a sissy on the ‘femme to trans woman pipeline’, you know this more than anyone else! Don’t worry, even sissies who are just in panties because it gets them off know that being a sissy can be difficult. Finding or buying panties, carving out special alone time with your purloined panties, and taking your ‘me time’ for that sissy masturbation orgasmic explosion in silk can be really hard to manage! That’s why my first tip for your sissy resolutions this year is to chase your bliss. What makes you happy? What makes you light up and go all squirmy and gleeful? Do that. Do that more! Resolve that this year you’ll make an effort to schedule more sissy time for yourself, and more time spent doing the things that make you happy. Life is short! Do what makes you smile more often!

Embrace Feminine Energy

Woo, new-age buzzwords ahoy, but don’t worry, that’s just special code for “be more femme!” Embrace the feminine energy in everything! Girl power is here to stay, so grab a hold and run with it. You know that defining things like ‘femme’ and ‘masc’ is tricky, because our society and culture changes so rapidly. What was purely the domain of women in the past is a manly dude thing now! The first computer programmers were women, then men took over and now it’s the land of men (I know all about how many trans women are in computer programming, that’s the joke!) When I say ’embrace feminine energy’ as your second sissy resolution, I mean that you should resolve to bring a certain femme vibe to your entire life. From your skincare routine to your clothes that adorn your feminine body, to the way you meal prep, commute to work, and what you do for your leisure time. Femme it ALL up!

Does It Serve You? No? BYE!

Let 2024 be the year that you finally jettison all the things in your life that do not spark joy, as Ms Kondo says. Thank it for it’s service, and then Let It Go. If you want to wear a ballgown and sing in a snowy field while you release the things holding you back, I certainly won’t stop you, but you can also do this inside with the heat on while wearing a lacy teddie and matching panties. All the things that have been holding you back from your bliss, your joy, and your perfect femme life: say bye bye and get it gone! From outdated ideas about gender roles to internalized trans and homo phobias, that drawer full of masculine styled underwear, dress shirts and ties, and those godsawful male dress shoes with the smooth leather soles. Bonfire of the vanities time, get rid of all that! If you’re chasing your bliss and embracing the femme, you kinda have to get rid of the things that prevent you from becoming the sissy of your dreams.

Ready For The New You?!

Are you ready for 2024 to be YOUR YEAR? You should be, it’s gonna be your year whether you choose it or not. But you can choose to direct the vibrant flow of your own life, to plot the course, and take control over your destiny. Are you the sad sack who fails to launch? The poor little humiliated sissy stroker in the closet crying about how you have to steal panties and furtively wank in them, or are you going to finally admit that, damn it, you LOVE panties, you LOVE wearing girly things, and if you want that edge of humiliation to your erotic masturbation, well there’s nothing wrong with that, either! Point and laugh, call me names, just let me wear panties and be a sissy!

Embrace your sissy style, slut. You can do it. I know you can. As easy as falling down a hill, once you let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back. I said at the start that it’s hard, but in reality it’s only hard because you’re the thing making it difficult. And you can be the force in your life that suddenly makes it all so easy and carefree. Chase your bliss, embrace the feminine energy of the world, and stop holding yourself back.


Your Sissy Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper

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