Summer Sissy Slut

Everyone knows that summertime is for laying out by the pool and flirting with hot guys. That's why I love to have my sissies prepare for the summer with a full body wax! If you want to be a summer sissy slut, you need to embrace the entire...

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How to Approach a Mistress

Ok, sissies, I know you're curious about how to approach a Mistress... And if you're not, you should be! After all, it's an important kinky life skill. When you decide you'd like to branch out and go meet new people, there's a certain protocol...

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Sissy Dating Game

Would you like to play a romantic Sissy Dating Game? Keep reading if you're a Sissy who feels that nothing is more exciting the the thought of cross-dressing and going on a date with a real man. If you ever saw reruns of The Dating Game, then...

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How to be a Girl Bitch

THE ROAD FROM SISSY TO GIRL BITCH Many Sissies love to talk with me about panties but feel embarrassed to admit that they also need a big dose of Humiliation. This often includes, but is not limited to SPH, verbal insults for being a sissy...

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Mistress, I Want Cock

Let's talk about your fascination with cock! One of the many surprises of my experience from talking with you on the phone is how many men are fascinated by cock. These guys identify as straight or heterosexual. They might wear panties or love...

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