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Virtual World Feminization is Better

Bored With Your Femininity

Get glamorized with Virtual World Feminization!

Making up a cross-dresser for a Night out!

I have a healthy number of sissy and cross dressing callers. Over the time I’ve been here at LDW, I’ve had many tell me they were bored with their feminine selves.

They wear the same panties and bras, the same lingerie, the same skirts and tops. As we real, genetic women know, being a sexy hottie isn’t cheap! Then there are those who start to feel guilty, purge their closets…and have to start all over again.

What if there was a place you could be the exact sissy you wanted to be? Or a place where, when it gets to be too much to cross dress, you can leave and start back up again when you’re ready?

This place is the virtual world where I have fun both hanging out with and slutting out my sissies and cross-dressers! Check out these amazing pictures then ask me how to play in that world!

Virtual World Feminization

Virtual World sissy in a FABULOUS dress!

In a virtual world, you can be anyone you want to be. Whether you are a cross-dresser, panty boy, sissy, or anything in between, you can be who you want!

You can be a demure sissy who looks like a glammed up movie star, or just the girl next door, dressed with perfect fashion sense! Maybe you just want to wear panties. In the virtual world, they have them for male avatars. No embarrassing shopping needed!

Through training and Ms. Delia’s guidance, you can even become a blonde sissy bimbo!

The great things is we can doll you all up in panties or even just so many outfits, you’ll need a walk-in closet the size of a house to keep them all (not really, the clothes are all virtual!)

Once I’ve got you all dressed up or even slutted out, I can take you to any number of clubs, shopping places, restaurants, adult clubs, play spaces, and glory holes where you can live out any fantasy your femme heart can think of.

Don’t Purge – Take A Break

Ms. Delia will take you shopping again and again!

Many cross-dressers and sissies after a while start to feel guilty about their fetish, or that it’s somehow wrong. In the real world, they purge, getting rid of all their clothes and toys. Then, 6 months, or a year or a few years later when they miss being all femmed up, they have to go out and rebuild their wardrobe.

In a virtual world, you don’t have to purge. Nothing is taking up space, nothing is going to be discovered. You can just store all your pretty things you need a break from in a folder in your “in world” 3D inventory! And virtual shopping is like Heaven!

Even if you do get rid of anything, the nice thing is that $2 in the virtual world is equivalent to 1, thin penny! If you do purge that closet, you can come back and buy panties and bras and dresses, oh my! Also, many stores have a way to do re-delivery so you might be able to get your old missed things back. The thing is, you don’t even have to purge. Your avatar in the virtual world can go from male to female with a few easy steps!

Give me a call and let’s make your femme fantasy a virtual reality!


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