Ms Christine Wants You To Buy Some Lingerie

Sissy for Mistress Christine

Let’s lingerie shop!

Sissies With A Sense Of Adventure

I’ve done a couple of posts over at the blog I share with the sexy Ms. Hunter about lingerie.  And oooh the comments I’ve gotten!  Some of my sissy pets didn’t have anything to wear to bed…well, except for panties!  So, your assignment, my sissy sluts is to go out and get yourself some sexy night clothes.

Dressing Up For Your Trip

Now, if you’re going to go get some frilly nighties and sexy teddies, you should feel like the gurl you are.  I’m not saying you have to go out all femme in a skirt, blouse and heels.  But at the very least, slide on a pair of panties – maybe some lacy boyshorts.  If you’re daring, put on a bra.  IF you’re really daring, slide some hose up those smooth legs. Oh, I know they’re smooth, you do shave for me, don’t you?

Pick Out Some Lingerie

Now that you’re dressed and feeling feminine, head on out.  Make sure whatever store you pick has lots of lingerie – you know, one of those stores that has a person’s first name in it, like Freddy or Vicky!  Your mission is to get yourself something demure, like a sleep shirt, or a peignoir for sleep.  No…you’re not done yet, slut!  You need some play clothes, So pick out a least two sexy pieces of lingerie – like a teddy or a merry widow, maybe even a corset!  Make sure you try them all on, you want to make sure they fit. ;)

And when you’re done, give me a call – you can put on a web-cam sissy fashion show for me!


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