Ms Marlena Teaches You To Stuff Your Bra

Marlena5Sissy titty stuffing is important.

There are all kinds of ways to give your silhouette that va-va-voom shape I know girlies love so much. Women’s clothing is constructed with breasts in mind, so you might have already found that most outfits look sexier with a little “something extra” up top. Even if you prefer a smaller chest, sometimes it’s fun to play dress up and indulge your big-chested bimbo sissy slut side!  If you’re looking for a way to temporarily enhance the appearance of your sissy chest, check out the two techniques I recommend most often:

Create your chest in a number of ways:

Silicone inserts: Also called “faslsies” or “chicken cutlets,” these are bra inserts that are placed inside the bra to add volume, fullness, and shape. Typically, they are made from silicone, but they can be made from other soft materials that mimic the feel of flesh. Silicone inserts are available in many sizes, so you can experiment with the perfect shape for you. They can be washed and reused, so they are ideal for sissies who plan on repeatedly stuffing their pretty bras!

Double-bra: If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing silicone inserts, wearing two bras is a viable option. Choose two bras that have molded cups and ample padding, and, as the name suggests, wear them on top of each other. This method is perfect for sissies with very little chest tissue, but it can be uncomfortable if worn for extended periods.

Do you stuff your bra? Share your techniques below!


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