Feminization basics – what every sissy should be doing

Feminization basics for every sissyI love feminization calls and all things sissy and I am always interested in each individual sissy’s style and routines. I came up with a list of things every true sissy girl or feminization fan should be doing on a regular basis to bring out that inner girl.

Remove the hair girls

If you are at all in the position to shave or wax on a regular basis you need to do this, and why do I say that well it is simple….no woman would walk around with hairy arm pits or legs and neither should feminization lovers.

Nothing feels sexier than slipping into stockings that glide and caress over your nice smooth legs. Also shave or wax that pubic area and again nothing feels as sweet or as feminine as feeling those sexy girlie panties caressing your clitty!

Daily feminine clothing

No matter your situation you can wear something girlie every day…..even if your life style is such you can’t be open about things you can certainly slip into some panties under those pants and even stockings too! Change in the office. Keep a little bag of sissy panties or stockings in your desk or car and change after you get to work….it really is simple so don’t make excuses.

Practice makes Girlie

Yes, practice something and before you know it will become second nature. So spend 15 minutes every day walking with a sway like a woman does, swing those hips from side to side and feel your inner woman come out girls!

Practice sitting and crossing your legs or your ankles. This is a must have for all sissy girls that speak to me…….I never want to see you sit with your legs spread unless I am having you fuck that sissy pussy!

Ready for full feminization

Now if you already do these things but feel like you want to take your feminization to a new level, it is time to give me a ring because we will do the full make over head to toe, which is how you should be, along with many tips on how to bring  your sissy side out  in your everyday real world.


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