Winter is here so get your sissy things on

Tell Ms Constance about sissy dressing for winterThis blog is inspired by a question I posted on our enchantrix empire face book page and one of the fans answers hit a spark in me so I thought all the sissy girls should hear it.

The question

Does the change in the weather getting colder make you horny?

The answer was yes …because that is when I can get away with being more feminine.

It was a perfect answer if you ask me so here are some things for those of you who can’t always be femme to do during the colder winter months.


You can get away with shaving in the winter simply because your always covered up there is no risk of someone noticing you have silky smooth legs.

You can also shave your chest and under arms there is no way you will be wearing a tank top or go topless during the frigid winter so might as well shave all over and be silky smooth and feminine.

Painted toes

Since in the winter you’re nearly always in socks and shoes this is the perfect time to paint those sissy toes of yours a vibrant sexy color like red or hot pink. There is very little chance you will be bare foot in front of others or in flip flops so let your sissy flag fly!

Sexy Bras and women’s clothing

You can also get away with wearing a bra during the winter, because under the layers of clothes you have on the chance of anyone noticing you have on a pretty sissy bra are slim to none. You may also be able to wear things like tights and women’s leggings under your jeans, we all know layers is the key to staying warm why not make your layers feminine things.

So there you have it girls, more ways to bring feminization into those cold winter months.  Please feel free to leave a comment and share some of your winter feminization tips.


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