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Ms. Piper’s Feminized Sissies Crave Cock, Cum, and Humiliation

Ms. Piper's sissies must crave cock, cum, and humiliation.

Let ME take control!

Are you the kind of feminized sissy I’d want serving me? Do you love cock, cum, and humiliation?

My sissies must love to get dressed up in sexy lingerie, and work it girl! You will wear panties, bras, stockings, high heels, practice that walk, and get ready to serve me with that pretty face! I require regular examinations on cam, reporting on your progress. I want to see your hands with those red press-on nails, your lips with that candy apple lipstick, your ass in those satin panties!

Of course you’ll eat your own sissy cum. That’s not open for debate at all. If you squirt it, you will slurp it.

It all comes down to obedience, girly. You don’t get to be a stubborn little donkey and call yourself my sissy. Cum eating is Sissy Service 101!

If you need a little help getting over the “hump,” then I do have a little trick move I can teach you, and I will allow you to use this trick a few times until you get used to having cum breath.

The ultimate destination is, of course, learning to not only eat your own cum, but getting cum straight from the source–a nice juicy cock!

Since you know your cock clitty is hardly nice or juicy, you know I’m talking about you learning to be my femme cocksucker on your knees!

Sucking cock for Mistress is Sissy Service 201, it’s not quite Intro to Sissydom, but it’s close!

I’m looking forward to teaching you all you need to know to serve as my sweet submissive sissy, so just empty that bimbo mind and get ready to say YES MISTRESS!


Listen to Ms. Piper

Listen to Ms. Piper


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