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Sissy Anal Training with Ms. Piper

Hugs and Kisses (and Spanks!)

So you want to please your Mistress Piper. What better way to please her than to give up control of your sissy fuck hole?

(For the record, I’m talking about your downstairs fuck hole and not that pretty little-lipsticked mouth!)

Anal training is an important part of becoming a sissy. Learning to use your ass to please a Mistress is a beautiful act of submission. See, as a sissy, you’re unable to please your Mistress the traditional way a man pleases her because your clitty makes a poor substitute for a cock. You have to learn other ways to please, and learning to be penetrated is one of those important ways to please your Mistress.

Giving up your ass (aka pussy) to your Mistress shows that you trust her.

Let’s face it, ass play can feel really good, or it can feel bad. You chose your Mistress for a reason, and one of those reasons is because you trust her to take care of your needs, so you don’t have to. Allowing me to guide you to the heights of anal masturbation shows that you do indeed trust me.

Learning to love getting fucked in the ass will take your feminization to new heights.

Men aren’t naturally built to be penetrated, women are. When you train your bottom to receive pleasure and bring satisfaction, you are embracing the feminine you. Transforming your ass into a sweet little pink pussy hole is like taking the express ramp to sissydom. It’s essential to feminization, so don’t cheat yourself or your Mistress out of this pleasure!

Are you ready to surrender that hiney to Mistress Piper, but not sure where to start? Invest in a small anal plug, and while you’re at it, grab a medium plug too. Then give me a call and let’s begin your anal training right away!


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Is Your Bottom As Red As Your Face, Humiliated Sissy?

Sometimes You Need A Strict Mistress800-356-6169

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The Masturbation Interviews

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