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Lingerie Assignment for the Sissy Who Craves Humiliation

Enjoy this sissy humiliation assignment from Mistress Rachel.Sissy, some of you long to be exposed. I know this from almost six years of training you, encouraging you, helping you to accept your nature, to form your sissy style, and yes, also through putting you in your place via humiliation.  Countless numbers of you have told Me that no one in your lives knows about your feminine proclivities, and that you’re the type who longs for that to change.  Nothing overt, nothing that screams “I’m a frilly little trollop”, but definitely something that whispers it.

You’ve spent a long time accumulating the tools of your transformation.  Maybe you’re completely hairless under the masculine clothing you wear every day that characterizes the person the world thinks you are.  Maybe you’ve got a Hello Kitty tote packed with makeup at the back of your closet, among the specially-ordered stripper heels and mary janes.  You may have a wardrobe that would make the average woman jealous, and mixed in with the sissy shame, you’re proud of it.  When friends come over, you carefully tuck away all your girly things, but some little part of you fantasizes about the thrill of being found out, of being able to display all the things you’ve carefully collected.

Even if you’re not ready to go en femme 24/7, or even to speak the words “I’m a sissy” to more than just your reflection in the mirror, you can still confess, and receive the humbling adrenaline rush that comes with humiliation.  At least a taste of it.  And that’s all you want, right?  Just a taste?

Well, I’ve got a little assignment for you.  Listen in, follow the directions like a good gurl, and then of course, confess in the comments section, via E-mail, or in a session, just what the results were.  I hope you end up blushing so hard, you’ll be able to retire your MAC rouge!


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