Ms Marlena’s Sissy School Honor Role

Ms. MarlenaIt’s back to school time!

Early fall marks the start of the new school year, and as you sissies know, your feminine studies are never over! Dress up is an important part of the sissy slut curriculum, and the slutty school uniform is the perfect outfit for a sissy who wants to study the finer points of all things girly! As my sissy student, you need to adhere to a strict dress code, so I have outlined your wardrobe basics for your first day of sissy school!

Sissy student uniform essentials:

  • Short skirt: Ah, the ubiquitous red plaid skirt. A proper sissy student uniform needs a classic, pleated skirt. The shorter, the better!
  • White blouse: A soft button-up blouse should be left unbuttoned to reveal the lace detail of your slutty bra!
  • Knee socks: Knee high socks will make any slut look like a demure, innocent sissy student! Your socks might look sweet, but I know you like getting naughty.
  • Mary janes: No sissy student uniform is complete without classic mary janes! Patent black mary janes are the perfect accompaniment to your uniform, so make sure they shine!

Now that you’re dressed, it’s time to learn!

Once you’re in your studious, slutty uniform, it’s time to hit the books! There are so many things a sissy slut must learn: lingerie styles, make up application, fashion trends, and even toys! When you’re all dressed up, I want you to study your favorite sissy subject! Read a women’s magazine, watch a make up tutorial video, or suck your thickest, longest toy! So hit the books, my sissy student, or you’ll get a punishment!

Will you make it on Ms Marlena’s Honor Role?


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