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Ms. Harper discusses your sissy nail maintenance regimen

Sissies, it’s time for you to learn another facet of sissy nail maintenance.

That’s right, gurls, gather round it’s lesson time. One significant thing that differentiates sissies from real men is the state of your fingernails. Sissies know that the little things matter a whole lot, and so they tend to take the time to take care of those small details. Perfectly hemmed trousers, bras that fit like a glove, and well-manicured hands are some of those tiny little details that set the accomplished sissy apart from the dabblers. Let’s discuss your sissy nail maintenance regimen.

If you can’t manage your own sissy nail maintenance, it’s acceptable to go to the salon.

sissy nail maintenance 800 356 6169That’s right, the sissy’s haven, the nail salon, is always available for the sissy that just can’t quite manage their own nail polish and sissy nail maintenance. You call ahead, make an appointment, and then you enter the hallowed halls of the salon. Check-in for your appointment and then pick a color from their selection of polishes. Go for a bright bold red if you want your hands to stand out really. Festive colors for the winter holidays can include white with candy cane red stripes, or bright silver or frosty blue. Go wild, and don’t feel like you have to stick to plain neutral tones. For a daily look, you can opt for a French manicure, classic white tips, and pink nail bed, or go au naturel with simple, clear gloss.

If you want to go DIY, that’s always fun!

You’ll need a base, the color you want to flaunt, and a topcoat. Super simple, right?! The base helps protect your nails and provides a foundation for the color so that you don’t have to worry about chipping or peeling. Use two coats of color at least, and then a nice top coat to seal the color and help the polish last longer. As for shaping, I’m a fan of the modern rounded corners and straight tip, but again, feel free to play! Go for oval tips, point the nail into a dagger of feminine doom, or trim ’em down short a la lesbian. No matter what you choose, just remember that the look needs to be consistent and well done. Pay attention to the little details, and keep your sissy nail maintenance on point.


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