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Bimbo Sissy Rules with Ms. Christine

If you want to be my sissy bimbo, there are 3 rules that you simply must obsess over. So, get dressed in your sexiest, sluttiest sissy wear and stare into a mirror as rub that sissy clit. Now repeat the first rule below, over and over again, until you edge, rest for one full minute, and then move onto the next one.

A Sissy Bimbo Always Shows Off

Bimbo Sissy for Ms Christine

It’s not about you bimbo!

So? Start rubbing your sissy clit through your panties and repeat after me: a sissy bimbo always shows off. A sissy bimbo does all she can to show herself off to the world. She wears small outfits that show lots of skin, and makes sure she is seen as much as possible in them. And a twue bimbo sissy doesn’t ask, “Is this skirt too short?” or “Is this bra too sheer?” No, she asks “Is it short enough?” or “Can you see my nipples?” A true bimbo also takes lots of selfies and posts them online so the entire world can see how she looks.

A Bimbo Sissy Has Something Worth Showing Off

Did you get that first edge, sissy? Good, now repeat the following: a bimbo sissy has something worth showing off. A sissy bimbo doesn’t just worry about how her clothes look, she’s worried about the whole package! She wants to be worthy. Is her hair right? Are her legs smooth and tanned? Are her tits just right? Is her ass tight enough? Is her lipstick sexy enough? Making sure she is always in shape with a tight body, big tits, and fake everything else are but some of her obsessions.

A Sissy Bimbo Does Everything She Can to Please Men

A sissy bimbo wants to please men sexually and visually. A sissy bimbo’s role is to be a man’s play thing after all. She is his object, his arm candy, his fuck toy, his submissive. It’s her obsession. She is always smiling at him, making him feel comfortable, and giving him everything he asks for. Whether she can just get her man a drink, or give him the best blowjob he’s ever had. Now, repeat after me: a sissy bimbo does everything she can to please men! And remember, a sissy bimbo never thinks of her own pleasure. first. A twue bimbo puts her desires and needs behind the desires and needs of every man out there. She lives her life to please men, all men!

I’ll bet there’s a huge wet spot on the front of those panties by now? Well, slide them off, suck them clean and get yourself to bed. No, sissy, you don’t get any cummies tonight! Remember, you’re a bimbo and it isn’t about you.

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