Ms Christine’s 5 Ways To Hide Your Adams Apple


Get Girlie with Ms Christine

…it’s as important as tucking my dear!

You’ve Got A Bump There

There, right on your neck.  Right in the middle of your throat.  And sissy, if you don’t hide that, everyone’s going to know you’re a man!  Why do they call it an Adam’s apple anyway?  Was Eve just evil enough that she was able to swallow it down, but Adam chokes on it?  Anyway…I digress.  Here are 5 ways to hide that thing…

The Scarf

Accessorize sissy!  Find yourself a pretty scarf, and tie it around your neck.  I guess if it’s a fetish event, you could always go with a posture collar, too.   Oh, that would be hot and sexy!  I’ll have to remember that for my next sissy party!


This would be for advanced sissies.  If you’re still having trouble getting that mascara, eye shadow and lipstick just right, I wouldn’t try this one.  Use contouring makeup, and apply a shade that’s one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.  It’ll make that area smaller, but there isn’t enough make-up to make it disappear altogether.

High Collars

DO NOT try to pull off that 80’s preppie look by turning up your collar!  You’ll just look like a dweeb and that’s only going to draw attention to you.  You can get tops with high collars though, and while it won’t hide your protrusion from the front, if you just stand to the side of everyone, you’ll be all right.

The Right Hairstyle

When you’re choosing a wig, go for something that’s shoulder length and curls around to the front.  Don’t get a pixie style, or one that stops right at your Adam’s apple.  Again, it’ll draw attention to that area.

Smile And Swallow

No, not when that load fills your mouth!  Okay, yes, then, too, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  Get your minds out of the gutter…for a minute.  Anyway, what I’m saying is when you are posing for pictures, smile and swallow.  When you swallow, your Adam’s apple disappears.

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