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How To Get A Sissy Name by Mistress Audrey

What’s In A Femme Name?Let Ms. Audrey find the perfect sissy name for you!

I often write about sissies on my blog and one of my most popular recent blog posts deals with the importance of having a feminine name. On my blog, I explain in greater detail why it sparks submissiveness and brings an erotic charge to your secret panty fetish that your regular name will not.

How to get a sissy name if you don’t have one?

I can give you a feminine name, and after speaking with you and getting to know you better, it’s never hard to find the perfect femme name. The other possibility is that you come up with your own name. Think about your sissy style. Is it girl-next-door, secretarial, bride-to-be, conservative, sexy or just down right slutty? That should give you a good sense of the direction you might want to go in terms of coming up with the right kind of name.

Beautiful Sexy and Unique Names

I have done a little research into creative new sissy names as so many tired ones get recycled within the crossdressing community. Here are a few ideas. Tell me what you think!

Elodie: means “foreign riches”

Coralie: evokes sweetness and precociousness
Josette, Claudette, Paulette: any French name ending in ‘ette’ has a beautiful feminine feel.
Margaux: the exotic version of Margaret
Fleur: it means flower in French and would be a lovely middle name as well.
Sandrine: it is the French version of Alexandra and is a prettier version of Sandra
Yvette: dainty and romantic (see other ette ending names above) or perhaps you might like Lisette or Lizette
Zuri: it means white and lovely
Fae: this means ‘fairy’ in French…need I say more?
Maeve: an Irish name which means she who intoxicates
Siobhan: the name of several early Irish queens; it is unique and beautiful.
Deirdre: known in Celtic folklore as the most beautiful woman in Ireland (also brave and fearless).
Enya: means fire.
Teagan: a Welsh name that is more original than it’s similar names Megan or Reagan
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