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Ms. Piper Teaches All Sissies To Eat Cum

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Ms. Piper

This will take some of you by surprise, but some sissies think they don’t have to eat cum. Can you imagine?

I can’t either. The nerve of squealing sissies to think they get to decide what goes in their slutty sissy mouths! They should know they lost the right to say no the minute they put on their first pair of lacy panties. If you want a woman to take you in hand and show you how to be a good little sissy, then you’d better get used to gulping jizz juice on commmand!

Is there any other kind of sissy than a cum eating sissy? Not if you’re serving me, there isn’t!

So if a sissy has to eat cum, does that mean she has to suck cock? Not necessarily. Cum eating is about submission, and it isn’t always about sissy coerced bi experiences. When you’re training yourself to be submissive, you must force yourself to do the things you don’t want to do. If you’re doing what you want to do, how is that a sacrifice?

It might be fun to do dirty things for your Mistress, but if you want to do them, how can you be sure you’re doing them for her?

As a Mistress, I’m always most excited when my slaves do things that are difficult, scary, or even a little unpleasant. So the next time you feel nervous or reluctant to do something like eat cum for Mistress, you can take heart knowing that you are pleasing her with your submission and your service.

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that pleasing Mistress is so much more fulfilling than pleasing yourself!


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